Organizing of historical reenactment and historical fencing events

We can provide quality and realistic performance of one or more historical reenactment groups. Our goal is to perform dangerously looking fencing in a safe way, so our audience will leave not only fascinated and surprised by the lifelikeness of the combat, but also amused by nice memories from theatrical performance that accopmpanies fencing performances.

We can provide:

:: Historical kitchen - visualization of the historic kitchen. Preparing food in the medieval style with a medieval accessories, dishes and recipes.

:: Historical range - throwing knives, archery, crossbow and cannon.

:: Historical reenactment groups - we offer performances of historical reenactment groups whose quality is guaranteed by our personal experiences.

:: Historical dancing groups - make your event special with performance of historical dancing group from various historical periods (gothic, renaissance, barocco, roccoco), which will enhance the atmosphere for your event.

:: Falconry - demonstrations of art of taming raptors.

:: Fireshows, belly dancing, orient - conjuction of dance and fire in spellbinding show with oriental components and dancing. Performance as individuals or larger groups.

:: Organising of community or town festivals - for your village or town we can organise complete event or festival from "A" to "Z"

:: Historical parades – sparades in historical costumes from the historical period significant for related city and event.

:: Historical feasts - Organising of historical feasts with programe and historical dinning.

:: Organising of company celebrations - fcompany competitions on medieval basis, long-bow and cross-bow shooting, historical firearms, swords, axes and spears and a lot of other weapons, historical steeple chase and other historical games and competitions

:: Human chess - organising of historical human chess performance.