::Weekend long schools of fencing

We are offering another instance of school of fencing that will take place in the year 2013 under the conduct of Ing. Peter Koza and Ing. Ivan Belicka in the Lom nad Rimavicou, Moštenica or Slovenský Grob in Slovakia. The aim of the school of fencing is to develop the knowledge and skills of mainly fencing public or other interested people, basically anyone who are taking part in the staging of the „action“ in theater, fencing or other performances. Information are addressed also to those who are interested in widening their knowledge of martial arts. The leading tutor is a master of fencing ing. Peter Koza from Bratislava, who will be assisted by some of his disciples who are to be chosen and requested if needed.

Courses :

This year the following courses of school of fencing will be organized:

German I for beginners
German II for advanced
Sword and shield + wooden weapons
Italian I for beginners
Italian II for advanced
Italian III – for higher ranks
Sabre + Sabre and kalkan
Spanish school
French school

Fight with longsword according to old masters - weekend course
Fight with a stick (long, medium, short) – weekend course

The dates of the courses will be set according to the number of applications between 10th of March and 20th of April 2013. The place will be the village of Lom nad Rimavicou, Slovakia. In the case of lower number of applicants, the place will be Moštenica near Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.
Deadline for applications: do 20.12.2012

The participants in weekend courses should turn out on Friday evening or on Saturday before 9 am.

Conditions for admission to particular courses:

I. level course– (Italian I, German I) - without limitations
II. level course - (Italian II, German II) - former absolvents of I. level course or higher
III. level course - (Italian III) - ncers with a minimum rank of younger journeyman not older than 5 years
Courses for Sabre, Spanish school, French school - former absolvents of at least course Italian I.

Turn out and accommodation:

Always on Sunday between 15:00 and 20:00 in the building of elementary school in Lom nad Rimavicou (Brezno district, Slovakia).


Provided from Sunday (dinner), until the Fridays ceremonial dinner.


The price of the week-long course is set at 240 €..
It is necessary to pay the non-refundable advanced payment of 100 € before 20.12.2012 (It will be returned in the case that the course won’t take place, after agreement the participant can be included in another course. In the case of late application and/or failure in paying the advanced payment, the price of the course for such participant will be 300 €. Organizers has all rights of not including the participants with late applications to the course, or excluding the applicants that are not fulfilling the required conditions for the course, without any obligation for returning the advanced payment. By paying the advanced payment the applicant agrees with stated terms and conditions.
In the case that the course is provided in the language other than slovak, the fee for foreign participants is higher by 30%.

The fee for the course includes:
The tuition fee, some specific auxiliary tools for lectures and training, rent for the gym and space for theoretical preparation of participants, catering and accommodation for 5 days + approbation and final festivity, 50% of the costs for the massage on 2-3 day of the course.


The deadline for the application is20.12.2012 The decisions about organization of particular courses will be made after this date, based on received applications. Your late applying can cause cancelling the organization of a particular course from the reason of not reaching the minimum number of applicants for the course (12 person). Maximum number of participants for any course is 20. The order of application is determined by the order of paying the advanced payment. In the case of high interest, the identical courses can be opened, if the minimum number of participants is reached. The latest on 5.1.2013 will all applicants be informed about possible cancelling of organization of particular course for a reason of not reaching the minimal number of participants by email. On the same date the binding dates and locations of particular courses will be determined.

Send your application to the following address:
Ing. Ivan Belicka
Švermova 21
974 04 Banská Bystrica
Email: serm@serm.sk (preferably)
Tel: 0905 665187

In the case that you decide for payment to the account, please contact us by email.

( The application must contain: Name, Surname, Telephone, E-mail.Eventually the information about the fencing experience and skills. )

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